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 Fly fishing site (and biggest forum)

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Fly fishing site (and biggest forum) Empty
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Fly fishing site

Balkan Fly Fishing Paradise
Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia

Fly fishing site (and biggest forum) Odlicn10

Musicarenje net is the largest and most visited web site on the Balkans that is exclusively specialized in fly fishing. forum brings together the widest group of fly-fishermen from all Ex Yugoslavian countries, as constant number
of fly fishing fans from Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and several more european countries. Over 20,000 photos from different
fly fishing destinations from the Balkans and neighbour countries and over 10,000 flies attached on the forum Musicarenje Net,
are impressive numbers. So, it can be concluded with full right that confidence of a huge and growing number of visitors and
fans represents big success of the Admin-team and whole fly fishing community, which thankfully spreads every day.

Great confidence to editorial policy of this site, oblige us to be important participants in each fly fishing event in the Balkans.
We often organise meetings, fiestas, fly tying contests and competition by ourselves, or have reporters on other events.
There is no significant fly fishing event in the Balkans that we are not reported or is not supported by the Admin-team of the website.

In step with time, there was an opening to this page on Facebook, which is another "window" into the world and the way that
people across Europe and the world realize the fly fishing potential and natural beauty of the countries from Balkans and get
informations about destinations, prices, fishing licences, guiding, flies selection, organizing fly fishing tours, contact with managers
of the fly fishing districts and fishing clubs, hotels, accommodations...and much more.

So, contact us, and we will help you and provide first hand information, and also offer guiding and accommodation services of
our professional staff.

Any kind of information related to fly fishing tourists, guiding and prices of services, and any other information about fly fishing in
Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia can be obtained by sending e-mails to the following address:

Be a part of a fly fishing lifestyle team.

Good luck & tight lines

* Musicarenje = Fly fishing

Fly fishing site (and biggest forum) Najbol10

Admin team
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Fly fishing site (and biggest forum)
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